Heavy Duty PP Rectangular container series

RE12oz, RE16oz,RE28oz, RE32oz, RE38oz, RE48oz, RE58oz

Heavy Duty PP Round container series

RO12oz, RO16oz,RO28oz, RO32oz, RO38oz, RO48oz, RO58oz

Compartment Black Base Containers

Black base containers 1 comp |2 comp| 3 comp | 4 comp |5 comp |6 comp |8 comp | Black Base chicken container

PP Cutleries

Spoon, Fork, and Knife white light 2.5g | Spoon, Fork & Knife medium duty-3.5g | Heavy duty spoon, fork, knife | Cutlery set -4.5g

Portion Cups with Lid

1oz, 2oz, 3oz,3.25oz, 4oz clear portion cups | 2oz,4oz Black portion cups

PET cups

8oz/10oz/12oz/14oz/20oz PET cups, Dome lid and Flat lid

PP containers white

PP containers white 75cc|100cc|200cc| 225cc|250cc|350cc|400cc|500cc

PP Round Plates

Plastic Round Plates 7", 9", 10" & 10" 3 Comp

PP cups

4oz, 4.25oz, 5oz, 6oz plastic cups

Clear Rectangular Container

Clear Rectangular Container 8 0z /12 Oz /16 Oz/24 Oz/32 Oz /48 Oz with Lids

Sandwich Wedge

Clear Hinged Sandwich Single Wedge | Clear Hinged Sandwich Single Wedge

Microwave Clear Rectangular Containers

Rect. Cont 500/650/750/ 1000/1500/2000 ml + lid

Cling Film

Cling Film (45cm- 1/1.3/1.5/1.8/2/3kg)| Cling Film (30cm- 1/1.3/1.5/1.8/2/3kg)

Garbage Bag

Garbage bag 65x95 | Garbage bag 95x110 | Garbage bag 110x130 | Clear Garbage bag 110x130 |

Sushi Container

Sushi Container With Lid S01, S02,S03, S06, S07| Sushi Squirle S036

Plastic Straw

Straw Wrapped Flexible - 6,8,12mm | Straw Bulk Flexible - 6,8,12mm | Straw Bulk Straight - 6,8,12mm | Black Straw Wrapped- 6,8,12mm

Sufra Roll

Sufra Roll 100x100| Sufra Roll 100x120| Sufra Jumbo roll| Prayer mat | Printed Jumbo Sufra Roll

Red & Black Deli Containers

Round Deli Containers 450cc | Rectangular Deli Container 650ml | Rectangular Deli Container 750ml | Rectangular Deli Container 1000ml

Plastic Piping Bag

Plastic Piping Bag 50/55/60/65cm

Plastic Vacuum Bag

Plastic Vacuum Bag 20x20,25x25,30x30,40x40cm

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