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Buyer Suppliers specialize in the designing, importing, and distribution of packaging materials for food products. We provide a wide range of more than 4000 products that include disposable cups, bowls, plates, trays, containers, and other tableware made of both plastic and paper, food storage bags, refuse bags, cling films, baking merchandise, foam, aluminum foils, and containers, tissue and hygienic products, biodegradable products, etc.

The primary goal of a Buyer supplier is to provide safe and secure packaging that protects the food during transportation and storage, prevents contamination, and extends the shelf life of the product. This is achieved through the use of materials such as plastic, paper, aluminum, and other materials that are safe for food contact and meet regulatory requirements.

Buyer Suppliers also provide customized packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. This includes designing packaging that is aesthetically appealing, promotes brand recognition, and enhances the consumer's experience.

In addition to providing packaging materials, we also offer additional services such as product labeling, product testing, and supply chain management. These services help to ensure that the food products are compliant with regulatory requirements, are safe for consumption, and are delivered to the market on time.

Overall Buyer Suppliers play an important role in the food industry in GCC by providing safe, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions that help to ensure the quality and safety of the food products.

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The Green

We embrace environmental consciousness in all we do. “Our house is on fire. We repeat our house is on fire. It is we who did bad to our own planet and it is we who have to correct this now. With this commitment, we present you "The Green" - an eco-friendly food packaging recyclable, compostable, and Biodegradable which adds value to your food and business.

We handle everything for you!

We at Buyer Suppliers are proud to offer a sustainable solution for all your Food Packaging, Hygiene, and cleaning items in the middle east, Europe, and North & South America.